About Us

Welcome to Cozi Nook! My name is Shana- the owner and founder of Cozi.

The idea of Cozi Nook was created in 2020. I was in a dark place- literally and figuratively at that time. I was essentially locked up in my tower working from home. The apartment we were in was dark and had very little sunlight. I moved apartments and I realized something had changed. The apartment was cozier and the windows…

I was then inspired to create a cozy nook where I could feel peace and think. I believe it is so important that everyone has a place in their home with natural sunlight, is comfortable, and brings you joy.

I then decided to create Cozi Nook to help other book lovers (like me) create what is known as hygge in their life.

The term hygge is originally from Denmark and means to create a cozy atmosphere, to help promote feelings of warmth and joy.

 Moments such as reading a good book by candlelight or taking a walk on a snowy day with my favorite book tucked under my arm and time slowing down are a part of a hygge lifestyle. 

We are devoted to giving you the highest quality products to help you create your Coziest Book Nook and hygge atmosphere!

Everything on this site is made with love and purpose to give you and your loved ones and books for a more comforting and brighter home. 

Let us know if you have any questions, we would love to help. 

Thanks for coming! <3